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Hello My Fellow Anabolic Athletes !

Well this has to be one of the most aggravating topics for all of you pro-steroid advocates out there. How many times have you seen some stupid idiot posting on youtube videos or forums with comments like “steroids kill people”, “steroids make your dick small”, or than there is the “steroid overdose epidemic” ……..oh boy where do we start ?

Well, let’s set the record straight once and for all. In all of recorded medical history, no one ((not 1 single individual)) has ever died from an “anabolic steroid overdose”. In fact, as far as all current medical research indicates, no one has died from anabolic steroids. Now let me be fair, that is not to say that extremely high use of anabolic steroids does not cause health issues because we know they certainly do. Furthermore, excessively high doses, over a 10-20-30 year span may certainly pose a physical threat. In my opinion these are genetic factors. How many of us knows someone who is an excessive drinker or smoker their entire life, yet somehow they are in their 60’s and still going strong ? It happens.

About the closest case we have seen to an actual steroid overdose was that of outspoken pro-steroid advocate Bodybuilder Derek Anthony. Derek Anthony died at only 32 years old. He died of total organ failure. The amount of steroids and chemicals he used were shocking. His death was not instant by any means. His body sustained several years of torture and high dose steroid and chemical abuse. For those interested in learning more about Derek ,Here is Derek’s youtube channel. (Click Here) R.I.P. Derek

I recently came across this new video with Mr. Olympian Dorian Yates where he openly admits his anabolic steroid use. He further mentions his clean bill of health even after years of high dose use. I have to say, he looks better now than he did back in his competing years. He appears healthy and he does not carry the extreme amount of muscle mass he did in his competing years. Take a moment to watch if you wish. (Click Here)

So, now that we have concluded for 100% certainty, there has never been an anabolic steroid overdose case, what about physical side effects ? Are steroids as dangerous as the media portrays ? Well, it is safer to say “steroids can be dangerous” if abused. It seems when discussing pro’s and con’s people often overlook the difference between use and abuse. At the end of the day, if you abused multi vitamins or aspirin, you’d likely see health issues at some point. With that said, tablet per tablet, it is known that even aspirin is more toxic to the organs than an anabolic steroid.

So you may be asking, “If steroids are so dangerous, than why aren’t bodybuilders dropping like flies? Well, truth be told they sort of are. Let’s take a moment to reflect on those we lost in the last few years.

Mike Mentzer 49 Heart complications
Ray Mentzer 47 Berger’s disease (high cholesterol)
Ron Teufel 45 Liver failure
Scott Klein 30 reportedly kidney failure / suicide
Sonny Schmidt 51 cancer
Robert Benavente 30 Massive heart attack
Charles Durr 44 enlarged heart
Don Youngblood 51 Massive heart attack
Paul “Quadzilla” Demayo 38 drug overdose
Fannie Barrios 41 stroke
Eric Otero 37 Blood infection
Eduarda Kawak 47 Heart attack
Rob Sager 29 heart failure (died in his sleep)
Greg Deferro 53 heart disease
Dan Puckett 22 heart condition
Shellie Beattie 39 suicide (hung herself)
Luke Wood 35 kidney failure
Carlos Rodriguez 48 stomach cancer
Mohammed Benaziza 33 collapsed after taking an injection of clenbuterol.
Andreas Munzer 31 liver and kidney failure
Johnny Fuller 62 cancer
Derrick Whitsett 38 heart attack
Trevor Smith 33 (No official cause of death , however he was 6ft tall and 400lbs.)
Jeep Swenson (he played the character Bain in the first batman) heart attack
Curtis Leffler 36 heart attack
Hans Hopstaken 45 heart condition.pneumonia
Art Atwood 38 heart attack (after suffering a massive heart attack he collapsed and fell into a swimming pool)
BJ Johns 34 heart attack
Lou Barrie 40 massive heart attack
Claudia Bianchi 34 blocked arteries/heart attack
Wrestler “Big Boss Man” Ray Traylor 41 heart attack
Marianna Komlos 35 breast cancer
Powerlifter Luke Lams 43 heart attack
Bench Press King Anthony Clark 39 massive heart attack
Roger Estep 47 Brain Cancer
John Riggins 33 liver and kidney failure than fluid backed up into his lungs.
JOhn Ware Power lifter 46 heart attack
Doug Young (former powerl ifter) 61 heart attack
Co Founder of Power House Gyms, Norm Dabish 46 heart attack
WWF Wrestler Eddie Guerrero 38 acute heart failure
Nasser Elsonbaty 47, Kidney Failure
Dave Barno 35 died while dead lifting with a broken back / see the injury that caused his death (CLICK HERE)
Mannie Hamilton 62 heart attack
Herb Glossbrenner, 2005 age 63, suffers stoke
Hans Ossner, 2006 age 64 cancer
Russ Knipp 2006 age 63 heart attack
Casey Viator 2013 age 62, heart attack
Matt Duvall, 2013 age 40 heart attack
Tom Sansone 38 cancer
Former Mr. America Mike Scarcella 39, died from seizure related to GHB withdrawal.
Garry Kendal Mr Europe
David Sing 27
Steroid Bible Author and Outspoken anabolic steroid advocate Dan Duchaine Liver & kidney failure at 48.

IFBB Pro Michael Aylward died also in November of 2013. His competing weight used to be 290 lbs, but in a pursuit of health he dropped down to a healthy looking 215. Shortly upon reaching a healthy weight, he suffered a heart attack.

Anthony D’Arezzo, who suffered from cardiopyopathy, a congenital heart defect. Doctors warned him that if he didn’t stop pumping iron and doing steroids, the condition could kill him. In 2006, he ignored doctor’s orders and started working out and shooting growth hormones. He flew to Pittsburgh to compete and died of a heart attack in his hotel room the night before the show.

In 2011, giant bodybuilder Chad Brothers was in the middle of a workout at a Gold’s Gym in Latham, New York, when he tripped and fell off of an elliptical machine. That was all it took to send him on a wild tear through the facility, threatening people and damaging property. Surveillance video sees Brothers rampaging through the gym wired on a lethal combination of PCP and steroids, smashing and toppling extremely heavy gym equipment. When the police showed up to apprehend him, it took two shots with a Taser to bring him down, and he passed out and died an hour later.

For Australian competitor Gary Himing, he demonstrated the risks in bodybuilding in the most extreme way: by dying on stage. Himing was competing in the Masters division at the IFBB event in Victoria when he collapsed from a heart attack after his set. Amazingly enough, the show continued after his body was removed from the stage.

(As of March 2014) Here are a few bodybuilders who have recently survived health related issues.
Dennis Newman (leukemia)
Orville Burke (coma)
Don Long (kidney failure)
Tom Prince (kidney failure)
Flex Wheeler (kidney transplant)
Tom Prince (kidney failure)
Ed Corney (stroke)
Boyer Coe (heart)
Danny Padilla (heart)
Pete Grymkowski (heart)
Mike Martarazzo 39 (triple bypass heart surgery)

Moving on you may be shocked to learn of all these deaths and health related issues. The most common issue seems to be heart, liver and kidney. So is this a pattern ? Are anabolic steroids really killing bodybuilders ? The answer may be surprising. I don’t steroids had anything to do with these deaths and here is why ? Believe it or not, muscle is actually toxic. In fact, too muscle muscle mass with the absence of some body fat puts the body in very toxic state. The easiest way to put this is that no matter how a bodybuilders gets that massive, his physique alone is killing his internal organs. Listen to bodybuilder Rich Piana talk in this youtube video. This poor guy is out of breath just talking. He is a heart attack waiting to happen. (CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO)

Aside from muscle mass alone, the extreme dieting and training is in no way healthy. Putting your body through cycle of rapid transformation such as bulking up and than shredding down to a competition weight takes its toll on the body. Aside from anabolic steroids, bodybuilders abuse other drugs and chemicals as well. It is common knowledge they abuse stimulants like amphetamines, asthma products like clenbuterol, and even thyroid drugs to boost their metabolism.

Based on all my own personal research, I conclude anabolic steroids are extremely safe. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, and I believe the lifestyle is the #1 risk factor among these top level competing bodybuilders. Genetics, diet, training, stress and drugs all play their role in the outcome of a bodybuilders life expectancy. In short, whether anabolic steroids are involved or not, a 300lb. man with little to no body fat is simply not “healthy”.

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