Tren Cough. What is the real cause?

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“Tren cough” seems to be a topic no one gets a straight forward and correct answer to. Through my own personal experimentation and study I have concluded the issue once and for all.

First, let’s start off with the most common myth, that is that Tren cough is a result of nicking a vein. This is simply not true. If it were, than you’d get the same negative result when you nick a vein using any other product. Tren cough is an occurrence that only seems to come about with the use of a trenbolone product, which can only mean it has to do only with the ingredient within most Tren products, and has nothing t do with the injection process itself. In my experimentation I did have get a Tren cough whie using another products other than trenbolone which is how I concluded my personal study.

During my experiment I injected 10 different anabolic steroids over a 10 month period (by the way my results were amazing. 30 days cycles were amazing but I’ll write on that in another article) . I used testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate, trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, nandrolone decanoate, nandrolone phenylpropionate, Wisndtrol-V (stanozolol) , Boldenone Undecylenate and a Test-400 product. 5 of these items were legitimate pharmaceutical grade products, and the other 5 were technically considered underground type manufacturers.The process of my experimentation was very lengthy and may be too complicated for most to understand, so I am going to summarize it by saying it was a repeated methodical variations of injections, that through process of elimination I was able to form a solid conclusion.

Well, in simplest terms, the issue is not just the specific ester (example propionate,cypionate,deccanoate,undecylenate etc etc),nor is it nickin a vein during injection. The main cuplrit seems to be the actual alcohol percentage contained within a specific injection. Before we continue, take a mental note, I did not get tren cough in any of the 5 legitimately pharmaceuticaly manufactured products. I only got tren cough with 3 of the 5 underground lab products which were the testosterone propionate, the trenbolone acetate and the testosterone 400. I did not get the tren cough every time I used these products. I consistently got tren cough when the product sat on the shelf and I did not shake the vial thoroughly before use for 2 weeks. I noted in 1 experiment that Tren cough happened consistently during the final 3 milliliters in the vial.

To some this may seem like alot of random and scattered variables but rest assured what I did was lengthy and methodical. So here goes my final conclusion and I am going to state it as elementary as possible. The mysterious “Tren cough” is caused simply by a rapid uptake of the gases which are associated with the benzyl alcohol used to sterilize the anabolic steroid, and the ester of that specific compound. The injection does not have to hit a vein, go into a vein or even nick a vein. In fact it doesn’t even matter where you inject, buttock, glutes, deltoids etc.

So, you might ask, can you prevent Tren cough ? (YES) I have that answer too. Even though your products is oil based and probably does not mention shaking the vial…….shake the vial anyways and do it thoroughly before every use. Illegitimately manufactured oil based anabolics are not prepared the same way a legitimate pharmaceutical product is. In a real pharmaceutical manufacturing lab, oil based anabolics are spun for several hours on a machine, tumbled and even heat and temperature treated for days. When “Joe steroid dealer” manufactured his products, he may miscalculate the benzyl alcohol per 10 ml., but he also adds the benzyl alcohol AFTER the oil has cooled. Although “Joe Steroid Dealer’s” intentions are good and his product may even be properly dosed, his manufacturing process is not close to standard lab preparation.

So, if you want to avoid Tren cough, do this. Always shake your vial before use. Inject slower than normal, and if you can, use only a legitimately manufactured anabolic. Truth be told if you are on a doctors prescription for testosterone injection, those products would never give you the Tren cough symptom.

Now all of you……get out there and get huge !!

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