Which Legal Steroid Supplement is Right For You?

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legal steroids

Choosing the right legal steroid cycle is actually an easy choice. The only things to consider are your training goals, and of course your budget. Below is a brief summary of available legal steroids, and their product description.

Muscle Labs Dianadrol® (Dbol)


Methandrostenolone or “Dianabol” ,was originally the first oral steroids ever invented, but the label “King of Steroids”, or Grand Daddy of Steroids is mainly because of the amazing and positive effects on body composition changes. Dianadrol has been discontinued.Bodybuilders who use Dbol claim to develop well-defined muscles and a highly muscular body after a few weeks of use. Although it was developed with athletes in mind, more bodybuilders are taking advantage of it and reaping the benefits. Unlike other legal steroids, Dbol can be used on its own and not just stacked with other anabolic steroids. Today, there is a legal alternative to “Dbol is now trademarked as a dietary supplement, therefore a small variety of version are LEGALLY available for purchasing online.



This is basically a general muscle building supplements and strength gainer. With testosterone as one of its ingredients, it can kick start anabolic effects that result in improved strength, fat loss and rock-hard and dense muscles. What Anadroll does is to boost testosterone levels and blood flow to the muscles. In addition, it can improve recovery and increase workout intensity – two essential factors every bodybuilder and athlete needs. In as little as 30 days, you will gain anywhere between 10 and 12 lbs in weight, develop moderate strength gains and improve physique. Even after an intense workout, you will recover faster when you use Anadroll.



Deccabolan is what you need to keep your weight in check, while increasing your strength and muscle gains. It provides amazing anabolic muscle building effects, especially when stacked with Dianabol and Anadroll. In just a month, you will gain 12 to 25 lbs, but with minimal fat. It would promote aggressive muscle growth and recovery.

In as little as a month, you’ll see instant improvement in your workout intensity followed by faster recovery and decrease in periods of sore muscles. In addition, it will increase your body’s vascularity. What makes Deccabolan effective is that it is a non-methylated legal prohormone with binders designed to maximize uptake and absorption in the body.



Winsdrol is best defined as a fat burner and lean muscle enhancer. It is the best legal steroid to use if you want to develop abs within a short amount of time. Most professional bodybuilders agree that Winsdrol is an effective mass gainer and fat burner. After completion of your first workout, you will immediately feel results. In as little as two weeks, you will get shredded and cut abs.

Aside from impressive abs, Winsdrol also decreases body fat through increased fat mobilization, promote muscle mass and strength, accelerate tissue repair and recovery, and increase sex drive and performance. It is an all-around legal steroids that can be used without PCT. See muscles, abs and veins fast when you use Winsdrol.



Clen, as it is popularly known, is the product that will burn all your body fat, while retaining muscle mass at the same time. Competing bodybuilders use it before a competition to get shredded in time for that important presentation. As a non-hormonal fat burner, both men and women can use it, in different doses, of course. It is also one of the legal steroids categorized as an effective weight lifting supplements that should be included in any workout regimen or stack.

Moreover, Clen is fairly safe that anyone who takes more than the recommended dose hardly feels any side effects. If they do, the side effects are usually minor. Make sure to use Clen earlier in the day.


OXAnivar is a lean muscle builder and mild fat burner that works best when stacked with Winsdrol and Clen. It is very potent in building muscles, and does not aromatize, making it the ideal choice for building shredded and lean muscles. Implemented in a cycle or stack, it can increase strength, promote fat loss and improve recovery.

As it is non-methylated, it can be used without causing any damage to your kidney or liver, provided that it is used in its daily recommended dosage, which is 1 to 2 capsules daily. OXAnivar is a not a primary bulking anabolic, so one or a couple of capsules are all that is needed to gain optimum results.



Testosterone is a potent testosterone booster that enhances muscle tone, sex drive, erection hardness, workout intensity and fat loss. Although it is widely sold as a male-enhancement product, it is also used to promote muscle mass, boost workout intensity, increase male aggression and induce fat loss. Users of Testosterone swear by its efficacy in increased muscle mass and decrease in excess body fat.



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